Hey I’m Tikva Wolf, freelance cartoonist (worldwide) and kosher caterer with “Jew Hungry?” (Asheville area only)! You might know me from my webcomic Kimchi Cuddles, which was started in 2013 and amassed a large following, resulting in the creation of a few books and dozens of collaborative projects focusing on the topics of healthy communication and the complexity of relationship dynamics. That work has been used as an aid by therapists and educators and is a part of the Kinsey Institute’s archive collection as well as the Ivy Plus Libraries Global Webcomics Archive. But my work has shifted over the years, influenced by talmudic study, ancestral dreams, and my own ongoing grappling with divinity. Whether my writing, visual art, or cooking has brought you here, I hope you have felt nourished by something my hands and heart have sculpted. 

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