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POLYCULE ORBIT is a creative communication tool that can be used 1-on-1, in larger groups, either in person or over distance. You can also play in Solo Mode to gain deeper insight and clarity on a specific topic! I created this game with assistance from trauma-informed therapists in attempts to counteract any sneaky oppressive power dynamics that might come into play during vulnerable communication. Incorporating role-play, movement, stream-of-consciousness explorations, and other useful ways of communicating deeply that don’t require being super-serious about it, this tool is designed to delve deeper into anything you wish to share or understand! 


If you do not have a printer or prefer to play digitally, there are instructions on how to play using only the PDF document (click download for instructions).

::MINI:: POLYCULE ORBIT is an adaptation using dice instead of cards, and focusing on playful group connection, either in person or over distance! All you need is this PDF, and a D4 & D12 (or online dice emulator). For 1-on-1 or larger group connection. 



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“What Does Consent Look Like?” COMIC POSTER.
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